Amy Duba

Amy Duba

Q:Where are you from and how long have you been a part of the Roost team?

A:Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 6 years in July of 2018


Q:How did running become an important part of you life?

A:Running was something I did as a kid.  Something I enjoyed and loved doing with my family.  My mom was and is still a runner.  She would encourage my brother, my sister, and I to run in local track meets and races at a young age.  I can still remember my first Hershey track meet.  I sat up in the metal bleachers eating a hostess cupcake watching my mom set up hurdles on the track for the 110 hurdles race.  I was set to run the 100m, 400m, and 1600m that night.  All I can remember is running and than playing in the sand pit after the meet.  Not a care in the world but what was on the dinner menu that night.  I recently found love for running again on the trails.  I was introduced to running trails in the summer of 2013.  After a couple miles on the dirt of Colorado, I reconnected to running in a way I’ve never connected before.  I was enjoying every step and smiling a lot more.  I’ve since entered and enjoyed many trail and even road races with the same childish attitude and smile I had when I began my journey as a runner.

Q: Favorite running shoe and why?

A: This is a tough question.  I am currently running in three different shoes.  I do enjoy a lightweight, responsive, and cushioned shoe that can withstand 2-3 hours on hard surfaces and be used for multiple types of runs(long runs, easy runs, workouts).  If I had to choose one right now: New Balance Vazee-soon to be 890v6

Q: Song that gets you pumped up!

A: Missy Elliot-Lose Control

Q: Proudest Running Achievement?

A: Qualifying for Boston 2018 with my mom and sister

Q: Five fun facts about you!

A: I can’t  cross my eyes, I dislike lemon flavored food/candy, favorite board game is Parcheesi, I am addicted to sweets, My family is very adventurous: my cousin was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014.  As a family, our goal is to live our life with purpose and adventure.  We do this by raising money for First Descents and going on exciting adventures together.  The adventures we’ve completed so far are Rim2Rim2Rim twice, Teton Crest Trail, Wonderland Trail, and Lost Coast Trail