Rooster of the Month, Sponsored by Saucony: Monica Sheets

Rooster of the Month, Sponsored by Saucony: Monica Sheets

Our May Rooster of the Month is Monica Sheets! Monica has been a friend of Runners Roost for 20 years, and more recently has also been a member of our Runners Roost Race Team. She moved here from Pennsylvania when she was 22 years old “for the lifestyle” and has only left to go to law school. She has been hooked on running ever since 3rd grade and has run hundreds of races since then — including collegiately at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania — and 14 marathons.

For being generally awesome and so good to Runners Roost, Monica has received a free pair of Saucony Triumph courtesy of Saucony. Big thanks to Saucony for sponsoring Monica as our Rooster of the Month!

Tell us about your first experience at The Roost.

My first experience at a Runners Roost store goes back a long time. I have worked in Denver near the Colorado Boulevard location since the mid-90s and have been a regular shopper there since then. I like their products, I like the staff and I am big believer in supporting local businesses. They also have really knowledgeable staff who are friendly and cool, and know about the shoes and products that they sell. I live in Louisville, and was delighted when Runners Roost came there, and I have been a part of the group runs and team since then. I have always been a customer of The Roost, though since it arrived in Louisville I have become a little bit more of a groupie!

What values does Runners Roost represent to you?

It represents the whole concept of community. To me, community means shopping locally, supporting independent businesses – allowing the profits to go into my neighbors’ wallet (instead of the big chains), opportunities to meet up with running friends, and having a place that knows me and my running needs. The Roost supports the community, and the community supports the Roost. It is a symbiotic relationship. It is a gathering place for runners – like group runs and high school spike nights; The Roost also sponsors and supports local runners and races. In turn, the community is familiar with the store and shops there.

Would you like to give a shout-out to any one particular Roost employee?

It is so hard to just choose one, as they are all so amazing! I would definitely give some shout outs to Holly, Jeremy, Janet and Seth at the Louisville store! They are friendly, smart, welcoming and knowledgeable about all things running.

Tell us about your family.

I have a husband Kevin (we’ve been married for 22 years), two teenage sons, Brendan and Dylan, and an adult step-daughter, Danielle. Kevin and the boys are ice hockey players, so I guess at times I am a hockey mom. We share a love for the beach so we spend a lot of time at the beach back East, surfing and hanging out. I am the youngest of seven children. There are only six pop tarts in a box so I learned to fight for everything, which explains a lot about me.


Any advice to a beginning runner?

A few things:

1) Set modest goals, like to get out and run three or four times a week (don’t say every day – that is setting yourself up for failure)

2) Just get yourself out the door

3) Keep on moving (If you have to slow down, do so, and don’t feel badly. Walking is ok)

4) 20 minutes of exercise is the sweet spot – get to that amount in a workout – once you get past that everything actually gets easier

5) Come to run club!

What is your favorite race?

It is so hard to choose just one race, so I’d say it is a tie: Colorado Marathon and Marine Corps Marathon. Colorado Marathon is a beautiful course, it’s fast, the race organization is top notch; and there is a fun after party! The Marine Corps is just so incredibly inspiring and moving. As I ran through our Nation’s historic places, surrounded by Marines and other service men and women who have fought for our freedom, and finished at the Iwo Jima statue in Arlington Cemetery, I felt humbled and grateful for so many things: to be able to run, to live in such a great Country and to represent Runners Roost.

What is your favorite post-workout/race recovery food?

Beer and a burger followed by chocolate of any sort. Odells 90 Schilling is my favorite Colorado beer.

Are there any training partners or coaches who have had a particularly large influence on you?

I have had two outstanding coaches in Louisville: Erin Watson (LoCO Fit) and Cindy Stonesmith (UltraRunner Training). Both have been instrumental in keeping me healthy, fit, inspired and chasing PRs at 50!


Any cross-training/non-running activities you particularly enjoy?

I enjoy swimming, aqua jogging, yoga, and strength classes at the gym.

What kind of music do you most enjoy?

When we’re out on a run some time ask me about my job as a backstage caterer and meeting my husband, a roadie for the Rolling Stones….

Besides running & fitness, what other hobbies or interests do you have?

I love to go to the beach and lounge around. I am a huge Broncos fan, and I am also a running junkie. I love to follow all things running like US Championship events, Olympic Trials, Olympics and Boston Marathon. Lastly, I love to run enough miles in a week so that I can drink a couple beers and eat some chocolate guilt-free.

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