Track is Back!

Track is Back!


by Runner Roost employee Alec Baldwin

Track is back, baby! We at Runners Roost are getting excited as we have been unboxing over 25 different models of track competition shoes. Our wide range of spikes will make you run faster, jump higher and throw farther! With low-cost options starting out at $65.00 you can feel the benefit of track spikes, without feeling a spike in the budget. Whether it’s your first track season, or you are varsity trackster, our expert staff can find the perfect option to give you the edge on meet day.

The Roost has also partnered with neighboring high schools to bring you even more benefits for shopping local. Shop at Runners Roost for the duration of the track season, and you will get 15% off everything for you and your family! Come in as soon as possible to get the best selection of sizes. Also, talk to your coach about scheduling a spike night with one of our stores and your track and field program will get *10% of total sales back! We also will have lots of pizza, snacks, and giveaways!


As an experienced track athlete, I know the difference spikes can make in becoming a faster racer. In my high school career, I improved from being a 4:45 miler to a 4:14 miler, and a State Champion, by my senior year. I went on to run a 4:03.58 mile in college and earned 6 NCAA Division II All-American awards. It was a lot of hard work, but having the right equipment definitely helped.

I know that it can be overwhelming, and often confusing, when looking for the right spike for your events. Before you venture out to purchase track spikes, you should know how they are different than regular running shoes and for which events you will be using them on track day.


What’s different about a spike?

The easiest way to answer this question is to hold a spike in one hand and a regular running shoe in the other. A track spike is going to feel MUCH lighter. You will also see a semi-rigid rubber or plastic plate and a varying number of grooved holes on the bottom to screw in metal spikes. Throw the spike on your foot and it will a make you feel light, springy, and give you better traction. Hence these features in all spikes should make you feel faster, but some more than others.

Certain types of spikes are designed for different track and field events. From the 100m dash to the 10K run, you’ll see VERY different spikes. The biggest difference between spikes, ranging from sprints to distance, is in what I like to call the spikes’ “aggressiveness.” In other words, how rigid the spike plate is and how much traction they offer. You should also take into account the level of cushion and the weight. A sprinting spike will be very rigid, light, and offer more traction whereas a distance spike will be semi-rigid and provide some cushion, while still remaining very light.


Sprints (60m – 400M)

A great entry-level sprint spike like the Nike Rival S ($65.00) is going to be more appropriate for a younger sprinter over the premier Nike JA Fly ($125.00). The difference between these two is that the JA fly has a much more “aggressive” and rigid spike plate which requires more strength from the athlete. Some other great entry-level options in this category are the Saucony Spitfire 4 ($65.00) and the Adidas Sprinstar ($70.00). On the other hand, premier spike options are the Saucony Showdown ($100.00) and the Adidas Adizero Finesse ($110).

Mid/Long Distance (800m – 3200M)

A great entry-level mid/long distance spike is the Nike Rival MD ($65.00). I will usually recommend this spike to anyone who is not quite sure what events they will be doing. This spike provides a little more cushion while still having a similar aggressiveness to the Nike Rival S. Other awesome entry-level options to try are the New Balance MD 500 ($70.00) and the Saucony Vendetta ($65.00). We also carry premier spike options the new Hoka One One Speed Evo R ($130.00), the Nike Zoom Victory 3 ($125.00), and the Saucony Endorphin ($120.00).

Field Events

Do not worry all my hurdlers, jumpers, and throwers-I have not forgotten you! For most beginner hurdlers and jumpers, I would again recommend the Nike Rival MD ($65.00). The semi-rigid plate and cushion is great for hurdlers and jumpers who haven’t yet mastered their form. An awesome entry-level throwing shoe is going to be the Nike Rival SD ($65.00). Premier spike options are the Saucony Soarin J ($100.00) for jumps, the Nike High jump Elite ($125.00) for high jump, and the Saucony Unleash SD 2 ($100.00) for throws.


*10% of total sales on the day of Spike Night will be donated back to your track program.

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