Soaring to Great Height in Track & Field

Soaring to Great Height in Track & Field

The vaulting crew at Fairview High School has big plans this year, and beyond! There are three seniors and one junior that make up the veteran vaulters at Fairview and they are all expected to do great things this season.

Tricia Vieth, Fairview Track Coach and Runners Roost Boulder Store Manager, interviewed each one to find out what the plans were this season and beyond.

Sophie Pierce has been vaulting since the 7th grade. She placed 4th at the Colorado State Track Meet this past year and is going for the win this season. She’d like to clear 12’6” during the regular season and 13’ by the end of the season. Her favorite quote is ‘Never Give Up’. She’s been through her ups and downs over the past few years and this quote has reminded her that to get where you want to go, she needs to keep pushing forward and working towards that ultimate goal. When asked what motivates her the most, she enthusiastically answered, music!! She has a playlist for practice, in the car, going to meets, at meet and right before she vaults. The music pumps her up and gets her in the right mindset to do her best! Sophie will be attending the College of Charlston next year soaring to even greater heights!

Olivia Kosanovich has only been vaulting for two years, but you wouldn’t guess it with her 2nd place finish at the 2022 Colorado State Track Championships. This season, she hopes to clear 13’, but also has her sights on a well-rounded state experience taking the sprint medley relay, the 4x100m relay and the open 100m dash. Olivia said that her biggest competitor is herself and her biggest motivation is her teammates. They are the ones that make the sport fun. Oliva will be attending Vanderbilt University next year as a part of their vaulting
and sprinting squad.

Flynn Meier has been vaulting now for about 2.5 years and placed 7th at the Colorado State Track Meet this past year. His goal this year is to vault 15’ and build on his speed to hopefully be a part of the 4x100m relay team. When asked about his favorite quote, he replied with, ‘Don’t worry, I’m a trained professional idiot’ (his GPA would state otherwise, but at least he’s a professional at it)! Competition pumps Flynn up, but he was very quick to say that the music that he shares with the vaulting squad is also a plus! His favorites amongst many are Speed It Up. Y NLE Choppa and Head and Heart by Joel Corry. Flynn will be attending Claremont McKenna College in Southern California next year taking his playlists with him to continuously motivate him when vaulting in a new arena.

Finally, our junior Charlotte Elliston. She’ll be the leader next year and although I know she’ll miss the team that she’s been vaulting with for a few years now, she will lead triumphantly. Charlotte is a well-rounded athlete, placing 5 th in pole vault, 3 rd in long jump and 11 th in the sprint medley relay this past Colorado State Track Meet. You can always expect great things when Charlotte steps onto the track. When I asked what she wants to get out of the year, she didn’t give me a height she wishes to vault or a distance in long jump, but she simply said, ‘I want to have a great time with my teammates!’ She had a great time in the indoor season, also mentioning the amazing playlists that the vaulters share. As far as the quote she relates to most, this one was from the amazing Pat Manson, saying ‘If you do cool stuff, cool stuff happens’. I only expect cool stuff out of Charlotte this season!

As their coach, Tricia couldn’t be prouder of the accomplishments this vaulting squad h

as already accomplished, but even more so how encouraging they are to each other. In all reality, it could be the three gals battling for the top of the podium this season at the State Track Meet, but they will be so happy for each other, no matter who takes that top spot. Tricia loves the way they interact, lead, and support one another. On and off the track, all four of these stellar athletes and accomplished students will go far in life. Let’s have a great season and show Colorado what we’re made of!

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