Garmin Enduro: Customer Review

Garmin Enduro: Customer Review

One of our loyal customers, Alex, recently purchased the Garmin Enduro to prepare for some upcoming longer races. He was kind enough to share some feedback for others who may be interested in trying out this amazing watch!  

One of the key reasons Alex chose to go with the Enduro was the battery life, specifically because of the solar panels on the watch face that prevent the battery from draining as fast during the day and even picks up some charge in the sunlight. This came in handy during his recent race in Moab (since there’s very little shade). When he started the race, the watch said 50 days of charge. After running the watch for over 10 hours straight, the watch had 45 days remaining when he reached mile 32.  

Another feature that Alex appreciates is the customizable watch faces that allow the user to select what data to display, including elevation, current pace, timer, distance, heart rate, and more. He was surprised by the variety of specific activities you’re able to track, for example, instead of simply “runyou are able to select ultra run” and “trail run.” Speaking of datawhen an activity uploads to the Garmin Connect website, the dashboards have a ton of info. This is helpful since his coach uses Training Peaks and Garmin Connect automatically uploads activities to that program (along with several others). Alex was interested in the heart rate feedback, since he hadn’t tracked that before. Garmin was able to recommend lower intensity workouts to improve heart rate. In the app, there are several ways to analyze the data, including graphs for elevation, pace, heart rate, air temperature, cadence, and more.  

Thanks so much to Alex for this review! We knew the watch was awesome, but it’s great getting specific customer feedback to share with others. 

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