How to Gear Up for Fall Running

How to Gear Up for Fall Running

Fall arrived a little late here in Colorado, but it arrived with a bang. We went from running in 70 degrees to 30 in one day. I, personally, love everything about this season including the cooler temps, but it can be a bit shocking if you don’t have your fall and winter running clothes and gear ready to go. Sometimes it takes a few days of digging through the same drawers over and over again to find those gloves and ear warmers. And where is that head lamp again? Hopefully you have found those treasures, but if not, we have what you need at Runners Roost.

Fall Running Essentials

  1. A light. Hours of daylight are diminishing and it is important to see and be seen. Choose clothing with reflective elements. We have small clip on Nathan Sports strobe lights that are great for visibility for you (and your pets). Choose a headlamp or a handheld light to make sure you can see your path. Nathan Sports Zephyr 300 handheld torch even has a conveniently placed emergency siren button built into the grip.
  2. Hats, ear warmers, and gloves. Everyone’s body temperature runs a little different, but eventually over the fall and winter months, these are a necessity. Running hats, ear warmers, and gloves will be made out of a sweat wicking material, and some also provide wind protection. Our stores have a great selection so you can find what fits you just right!
  3. Layers. A typical rule of running is to dress like it is 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. You want to feel a little chilly when you first walk out the door. Once your body is warmed up as you are running – you will feel perfect. Layers can be key so that you can shed or add back on as you need. Half zips are a great option so that you can just unzip to get some additional ventilation. We also have some pieces like the New Balance Heat Pullover and Nike Therma Sphere Element that provide a thermal sweat wicking fabric for heat retention (It’s like wearing two layers when you are only wearing one!). Both of these pieces even have a hidden mitten feature that you can pull over your fingers! Running vests are another great option to keeping your core warm, especially on a windy day where they can provide protection from the elements.
  4. Socks. Ok so I know socks in general are a running essential, but some brands make a merino wool option to give your toes that extra warmth. Look into buying a pair that is quarter length or higher to cover that small sliver of skin that can be left showing between the end of your pants and the top of you no show socks.
  5. Wind and rain resistant jacket. It is inevitable with fall and winter…you will experience wind and rain at some point. That does not mean you have to stick to the treadmill. A good jacket will go a long way in keeping you outside all season long. Most wind and rain resistant jackets are reflective and packable.

A Few Fall Running Reminders

  1. Keep a change of clothes or a big cozy sweatshirt in your car to change into after your run. Your sweat filled clothes will make you start shivering before you know it!
  2. Dress like it is 10 degrees warmer than the temperature. If it is windy or rainy, however, dress for the current temperature.
  3. Always be safe when running in the dark! Light yourself up, run with a friend, or run on a route that is well lit. Our run clubs meet all year round. Come run with us!
  4. Any questions? Come in and let our expert staff help find the right pieces just for you! Find a store near you!

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