Runner Protection Training with Runners Roost

Runner Protection Training with Runners Roost

by Mary Thorson and Pinnacle Tactics

I am a 39 year old female who has been running most of my life. I often run alone, even in the dark. There are many days I put my headphones in and am out the door without a second thought, only to be 2 miles down the path with goosebumps, my hair raised, looking over my shoulder with the fear of “what would I do?”. Most of us think that it won’t happen to us….but really, it could. Runners Roost has partnered with Pinnacle Tactics to put safety in your own hands.

Runner Attacks

We’ve all heard the national news about criminals targeting runners, such as the murder of Mollie Tibbets last year. Colorado run clubs are talking more about local stories because that news hits closer to home. Recent Colorado stories include the May 2018 stabbing of an Avon runner, and the May 2017 attack on a woman running along the Boulder Creek path. In 2012 there were also multiple reports of coyotes biting runners, cyclists, and hikers alike along the Boulder Creek path.

Why is Personal Protection Important to Runners?

Runners are often outside, alone, on a predictable schedule, and tuned into their routine. All of these habits are attractive to predators. Right now its winter, and you may be running in the darkness or at dusk more often than in other seasons. Low light scenarios are prime time for both human and animal attacks. Running alone can be meditative, but may also take the mind away from your physical surroundings. Running while scanning the immediate environment and making brief eye contact with other people is less attractive to predators than a runner with earbuds, alone with their thoughts, or whose body language is disengaged from the surroundings and other people. More examples of running safely are partner or group runs, planning various routes so you’re not predictable, minimizing distractions like earbuds, and carrying something that can be a force multiplier should you need to thwart an attacker.

If you are attacked, you need to be able to address the threat quickly, and definitively. That’s where personal protection training comes in. Why not make a plan for the possibility of harm so you not only have a plan, but also have physical reflexes built to address it? It’s important for runners to project confidence and minimize prey behavior when out running, and training for your own safety will increase both your mental and physical confidence. Pinnacle Tactics LiveSafe programs are simple, realistic, and aggressive tactics that anyone can do. We train using real-life scenarios such as ambush attacks, abductions, weapons assault, and much more. Along with all aspects of self-protection, training is also focused on class participant’s personal experiences and concerns, so that students have a truly customized experience.

A Little About What We Teach

Participants in Pinnacle Tactics training learn how to assess safety issues in dangerous situations and practice realistic drills to make them reflexive. This translates to developing new thinking and creating new habits. Our personal protection classes address common threats through stimulus-response teaching. In this way both your mind and body are conditioned, almost unconsciously, to lookout for your own safety when you’re out, enjoying your sport (and anywhere else for that matter).

Pinnacle Tactics is a local, veteran-owned, personal protection business concerned about Colorado communities and passionate about helping. Our training system has developed over 35+ years. All LiveSafe programs are focused on keeping everyday people safe in every aspect of their lives. We specialize in bringing customized training to your group of like-minded people. In our experience, we’ve seen too many students sign up for self protection class only after they have been harmed. Our goal is help individuals plan for their own safety before they become prey, thereby building safer communities through personal protection living.

Find Out More

Pinnacle Tactics will be offering classes over the next few months with a few of our locations. Classes will be $18 each. Spend $100 instore on class day and your fee will be applied to your purchase! (Applies to full prices merchandise only)

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