Our February Rooster of the Month is Lisa Wilson! Lisa ran cross country during her time at Fairview High School in Boulder growing up. After that she didn’t run much until 2006 when she ran her first marathon. Lisa has been a great friend to our Lakewood store ever since training for that race in 2006.

For being our Rooster of the Month, and awesome generally, Lisa is getting a free pair of running shoes from Adidas. BIG thanks to Adidas for sponsoring Lisa as our Rooster of the Month!!

Tell us about your first experience at The Roost.

In 2006, my husband, Bruce, and I decided to run our first marathon. When we asked around about a great running store, every single person suggested Runners Roost. The folks at the Roost were knowledgeable, friendly, and so happy! Their love of running is infectious! They totally prepared us for our first marathon, with great products and great advice. It was such a positive experience that we’ve been running ever since, and we are loyal Roost customers.

Why do you shop at The Roost?

The Roost delivers wonderful customer service. I wish every business had staff as helpful and positive as Runners Roost. The Roost is like my ‘Cheers’; everybody knows my name! They always ask how my running is going, and they are always encouraging and positive. With every visit the staff helps me find products that make my running life better.

Why is Roost important to the community?

Running is both a social activity, and an individual sport. Every runner has different needs and different goals. You can’t expect those individualized needs to be met at a big-box sporting goods store. Roost employees are experienced runners, willing to share their running joy and expertise to help make your running dreams come true!

Are you a native or did you get here as soon as you could?

I was born in Germany (army brat) and moved to the US when I was six. We moved around quite a bit, but thankfully my Dad retired here in Colorado. I am honored to call Colorado home!

What is your favorite product at The Roost?

As a kiddo in Germany, I remember my Dad wearing bright, aqua-blue Adidas. I thought that was so cool! Today I love Adidas because they feel so yummy on my feet. Have you seen the new trail shoes with ankle support?! Delish!!

What is your favorite race?

I love the 10-mile option of the Colfax Marathon. The course starts in Lakewood, near my house, and takes you to all the Denver highlights, such as Bronco Stadium! There is a big party afterwards, and the Roost has a tent in the run club village, where we all meet-up to brag and celebrate!

Favorite show you ever saw at Red Rocks?

Howard Jones and the Eurythmics. The weather that night was foggy and drizzly, adding to the show’s ‘atmosphere.’ That, combined with the incredible musical talent, made the show epic! I think of it every time I run the stairs at Red Rocks.

Favorite post-workout/race recovery food?

I love to head to my fave coffee shop and get a large mocha with cayenne. A couple of sips and I’m back to my zesty self! How have your cereal preferences evolved over time? As a child I once sat down and ate an entire box of Kabooms. Apparently, I’m a sucker for a clown mascot! Now, I prefer something a little more sophisticated, like Peanut Butter Panda Puffs. It’s great race fuel!

Favorite Colorado microbrew?

I run for wine! I always buy Colorado wines, and I love the local wineries. Anytime we head to Moab for a race, we stop in Palisade for tasting and buying.

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