Staff Spotlight: R.L. Smith from Runners Roost-Boulder

Staff Spotlight: R.L. Smith from Runners Roost-Boulder


We are continuing to feature staff from all six of our stores! Last week we had the pleasure of meeting Anna from Runners Roost-Denver and getting to know her story and what brought her to the Roost. This week we are shifting over to Boulder and featuring R.L. Smith!

The Runners Roost in Boulder has been open for just over 2 years now, but one of their main employees has been in that exact location since 1996 working in specialty running and building custom insoles.  R.L. Smith, which has fondly become known as the shoe guru and foot whisperer, has been fixing people’s foot issues for over 20 years.  With a background in body mechanics, a former career as a professional tri and du-athlete, and as a current sports massage therapist and insole technician, you are getting nothing but the very best and thorough help when you work with R.L.



His insole business is called Smith Brothers Custom Insoles and it’s located out of the Runners Roost Boulder location.  He builds custom insoles on location, so you are in and out with your finished product within an hour.  He can also make modifications to shoes, add in winter running shoe screws and do mail order insoles if you are not in the area.



 Although he has an active history in racing, his passion now includes watching his son, Spencer, race go karts.  R.L.’s priorities may have changed, but it hasn’t affected his running streak which is 14+ years strong of not missing a day of running the trails in Boulder.  Next time you are in the area, please come visit Runners Roost and see what RL can do for you!


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