Staff Spotlight: Anna from Runners Roost-Denver!

Staff Spotlight: Anna from Runners Roost-Denver!
At Runners Roost we strive to provide our community with the best customer service and running knowledge when they walk through the door. For the holiday season we will be featuring staff from six of our stores to give you some insight of who makes our store top quality and a pleasant experience every time you shop with us.


Anna started working at a local run specialty store near her family home in Minneapolis, MN when she was in college. Quickly Anna found that she loves helping people get excited about being active. She has been a runner for many years both competitively and recreationally. Anna has greatly enjoyed being able to share her passion for running with customers of all ages and ability levels as a run specialty sales associate. Anna joined the Roost team through networking with people she had met through her job at Gear Running Store in Minneapolis as well as connecting with former Luther Cross Country teammates. Everyone informed Anna that  Runners Roost was the place to be, so she applied! As Anna was interviewing for a position at the Roost, she was excited to learn about how involved the Roost is at running events, community events, and the the tight knit staff. Shortly after accepting her position Anna packed up her life in Minneapolis and moved to start her new career and an exciting new life in the city of Denver.


Anna has always loved to run, but coming out of high school she felt seriously burned out from the sport which made the decision to run in college difficult. Anna couldn’t decide whether or not continuing to compete at such a rigorous level, but she was being recruited by a few different schools and decided to see if any of their programs seemed like something that would work for her. One of Anna’s high school teammates was running at Luther College and during a recruiting visit, her previous teammate showed her everything that she loved about the Luther program. After attending a practice and meeting the coaches Anna knew that Luther College would be a healthy choice for her as an athlete. Anna ran cross country and track at Luther College from 2014-2018. Balancing school, work, and running proved to be challenging for Anna, but she is so glad that she stuck it out. Anna’s teammates and coaches at Luther College helped her develop a positive relationship with running that she is grateful to have as she continues to run outside of college!
Come shop with Anna at the Roost!

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