What’s with the Trucker Hats?

What’s with the Trucker Hats?

Runners as a group seem to have an obsession with collecting things. That makes us normal, right? I mean we all have our “things”, but a runner’s closet is a special place.

How many race shirts do you have? I have about 50 race shirts. Most of those shirts are buried in the back of my drawer never to see the light of day but I still just cannot let them go. I even gave 30 to my grandmother a few years ago, which she turned into a beautiful t-shirt quilt. But yes, I still have 50 more in my drawer. Then there is the pile of running shoes. I swear they each have a purpose! The pair of shoes I wore when I first qualified for the Boston Marathon will never be tossed or donated. Oh and the medals..don’t get me started on the medals. Let’s just say I do most of my races for the bling. And now the new obsession: trucker hats.

Why Do Runners Wear Trucker Hats?

I am not even sure how the trucker hat craze snuck into my closet. As a road runner, I often thought it was just a trail runner thing, but then all of a sudden there were 2 hanging in there with the need for friends. The hats found me.


I will never forget the first time I felt that I HAD to have one. I was crewing for a friend at the Leadville Trail 100. At mile 25, we were buzzing around changing her shoes, passing her food, filling water bottles, and then she grabbed one of her trucker hats, putting it on backwards, and took off with a smile. She looked so tough and invincible and I knew I wanted to be her one day, hat included. In that moment it was all so clear. I knew exactly why one needed a trucker hat.


Why Trucker Hats are In

  1. Personality: trucker hats are colorful, have fun sayings, they add to spice on the road or trail, and let others see your inner soul.
  2. Show support: whether its a company, a brand, a team, or even friends, it gives the runner an opportunity to represent someone or something that has meaning to them.
  3. Keep your hair contained: ladies, and gentlemen too, we all know our hair can get pretty mangy while we are running. Trucker hats can hold that in! Plus they have that nice hole in the back for your ponytail.
  4. Protection: hats provide protection from the sun, and trucker hat bills give you the option of switching that protection from the front to the back. The wide bill often is enough that it keeps the sun out of your eyes and the rain out of your face.
  5. Memories: like the shirts, each holds a special place in a runner’s heart. It could have been the one you where wearing when you met your significant other, when you had the race of your life, a trip with friends, or the moment a dream came true. My stories are of a birthday trip with girlfriends, the marathon when I Boston qualified, the place where I work, the state my family now calls home, and my sports teams.


In conclusion, your trucker hats have a purpose. Haven’t started yet your collection yet? We can help with that! Here at Runner’s Roost we have a wide selection of trucker hats that can help tell your story. Reference this blog and get $5 off the purchase of your trucker hat! Trust me, you can’t have too many.



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