We Challenge You to a Streak

We Challenge You to a Streak

by Mary Thorson

Happy New Year! It is a time to refresh and renew ourselves into who we want to be. Did you make any new year’s resolutions? Did you know that the most popular new year’s resolution is to get in shape, be healthy, or lose weight? We at Runners Roost want to encourage your journey to your new lifestyle! That is why we have created the Runners Roost January Streak Challenge to run, walk, or hike at least 1 mile every day in January.

Have you ever heard of streaking? No, not that kind of streak! I honestly have never done a run streak before. What is the lure and why should we join in? I called on Patti Thurman, a loyal Runners Roost customer and member of our Race team to share her experience with streaking.

Why Do A Run Streak?

by Patti Thurman

The Beginning

Streaking at the airport

When I saw the Runners Roost January Streak Challenge, it was a no brainer. I run a lot, and one day in September of 2016 I realized I’d run quite a few days in a row, and decided to start a Streak. So, since October 1, 2016, I have run every day at least one mile. As of today, January 3, 2019, 824 of the 825 days have been outside. The one inside run was in the Burbank airport, due to an early flight, work immediately after, and torrential summer Colorado thunderstorms. Did I get some looks that day!

Really, Are You Serious? Every Day?

After awhile, the inner dialog morphs from “should I run today? I don’t really feel like it ” to “how will I get my run in? I don’t feel like it. Suck it up, Buttercup!” It is an internal motivation, one that has nothing to do with anyone or anything else, and it sort of becomes who I am. I am a runner, plain and simple.

I have run in bitter cold, boiling hot Arizona summer days, soul sucking wind, slippery as heck ice, late at night, early mornings that were really middle of the night, and many, many glorious fantastic days. There have been more races than I can count, and running in circles to get in the requisite mile (or more). I’ve run with a few mild injuries, some head colds, some just blahs. I’ve worn my running clothes under my scrubs and snuck out of work to get in a run.  I’d have to say that there have been a handful of times when I DID NOT FEEL LIKE RUNNING. One was last week when I had the stomach flu and it was freaking cold. But I have NEVER regretted any run. Ever.

The Joy

Day 700

It’s kind of fun to see on what days the Milestone Runs occur. Day 400 was November 4, 2017, when I ran the Revel Canyon City Half Marathon while in Los Angeles visiting my baby grandson (Who else finds a run when on vacation? Or schedules a vacation based on a race?!?) Many of the Hundreds were random days. Day 800 was my 40th wedding anniversary. Celebrated them both! With guess what – a run!! Day 1000 will be sometime in late June. I will celebrate that milestone along with my daughter finishing up her OB/GYN residency. With a run, hopefully.

Goals for my streak? One. More. Day. I am grateful and thankful for every day I can run, and never take it for granted. 

So Streak With Us

It’s not too late to join the Runners Roost January Streak Challenge! If you have been using a GPS advice, you can download your activity on Strava, join our club by clicking here, and streak with us. Complete the challenge to start your new year off right, and for the chance to win a Garmin!

If you have already missed a day, or two, or three…remember that it’s never too late to start. Your day 1 is whatever day you decide it to be. How about today?

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