Getting to Know the Roost: Denver Staff Member Amber Cole

Getting to Know the Roost: Denver Staff Member Amber Cole

Runners Roost has been a locally owned business since 1977. One of the many ways we have realized our longevity is through community. At Runners Roost we feel it is important for us to understand our community as well as for our community to know who we are. With that we will be featuring some of our staff in our regular blog content so you can meet us and our friendship with our Colorado community can rise to new elevations.

Who is Amber Cole:

I am from Colorado Springs and ended up going to college in Fort Collins at Colorado State University. In college, I had a friend that asked me if I wanted to train to run a half marathon with her. At first, I said “Are you crazy? I’ve never run more than a mile in my life.” After some convincing, I decided to train with her. Since then, I have run six half marathons, a ton of 5K, 7K, and 10K races. I also enjoy doing obstacle races, such as Tough Mudder, which I have done five of.

One of my degrees in college was Health and Exercise Science. I have always enjoyed staying healthy, specifically thought the form of movement and exercise. I enjoy teaching and helping others do the same. I worked as a personal trainer when I graduated college and decided to find a part-time job, which was at Boulder Running Company at the time. After working part-time, then full time at Boulder Running Company, I grew a bigger passion for running and running products. I left Boulder Running Company after working there for over a year and went on to work at a Physical Therapy Clinic. I found a passion for physical therapy, but knew I wasn’t ready to go back to school to pursue the degree to do it for a living yet. That is when I decided that I wanted to come back to the world of running specialty and Runners Roost was my number one choice of locations. I liked the community I had heard about with Runners Roost, which was the draw toward Denver. Since working at Runners Roost, one of my biggest accomplishments has been taking over as run club coordinator. I have gotten to know a lot of great people and the run club has grown since.

I am a native to Colorado and have no intention of leaving, except for when I travel to other places. I am a huge fan of the outdoors like most Colorado people. I enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, snowboarding, etc. I also like beer and Colorado has a lot of great breweries and some of which we get to go to for run club. I also love concerts, you will always find me at the best concert venue ever (Red Rocks) several times a year for concerts, hiking, and workouts. I am known to a hike a 14er or two every summer.

I plan to work at Runners Roost until I start school next year and continue working here during school and then work part-time after I start physical therapy. My dream would be to one day manage my own PT clinic and always refer clients to come to Runners Roost for a good pair of shoes and gear for any activity they may be doing.



Come say “HI” and run with our Denver run club every Wednesday at 6pm! All ages and paces welcome.

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