High School Cross Country Runner Cameron McConnell

High School Cross Country Runner Cameron McConnell

We caught up with Cherokee Trail junior Cameron McConnell, the 2019 Colorado State Cross Country Championships runner-up and Nike Cross Nationals qualifier, about her training, how she is preparing for this season, and more. Keep reading to get to know Cameron! 

Runners Roost: How did your summer training go?

Cameron McConnell: My summer training went really well. The transition from morning to afternoon practices was brutal, but I have still felt pretty well during workouts! We started practicing as a team the beginning of June, and up until then I just ran with a few of my teammates to stay in shape. Overallit went really well!

RR: In light of this unique year, are you making any adjustments to how you approach this season?

CM: Because of this strange season, I have definitely changed my mentality for each race. I am going to try and treat every race like it’s my last, because it very well could be! I want to make sure I leave everything out there that way I can say that I did my very best, even if it’s my last race.

RR: What has been the highlight of your high school running career thus far? 

CM: The biggest highlight of my running career so far is hands down Nike Cross Nationals 2019. That was literally a dream come true. I remember when I first started running in middle school, I watched videos and highlights of that race and it seemed like an overall amazing experience and fun race. And when I did qualify, it did not disappoint! I met and raced some incredible athletes with my same passion and I definitely hope to go back to Oregon for that race hopefully my senior year. 

RR: What do you do to get ready for big races?

CM: To get ready for big races, I prep more a few days before the race rather than race day itself. I make sure to drink TONS of water the day before and I like to eat a carb loaded dinner. I ice and roll out my legs the day before and make sure I go on a nice and easy recovery run. But the morning of a big race, I like to make sure I’m relaxed and I have to tell myself “I’m not nervous”! It keeps my spirits up and my body relaxed. 

RR: What are you most excited for this season? 

CM: For this season, I’m really just excited to race anything and everything! It is definitely an

odd time and we are blessed to even get a season unlike a lot of colleges and other states. I haven’t raced since March and I’m just excited to put on the uniform and race!

RR: When you’re reflecting at the end of the season, what would make it feel like a success? 

CM: At the end of a season, I like to reflect on how memorable it was. I never remember the bad races and if I have more good races than bad than it was definitely a success! I like to make little goals for myself at the beginning of a season like to pr or qualify for a specific meet so I also take that into consideration. 

RR: If you could go on a run with anyone, who would it be? 

CM: This question is so hard to answer because I would love a group run with a whole bunch of professional athletes! However if I had to pick just one I would have to say Emma Coburn. That because she is a Colorado native like me which is pretty cool. I have watched so many of her races and I have traveled to see her race as well! She is extremely inspiring and I’d love to ask her some tips and tricks on how she is incredibly fast!  

RR: What is something outside of running that you like to do?

CM: Outside of running and school (which takes up most of my time, haha) I enjoy hiking and camping. I also enjoy photography and I serve for my church on the media team which is really fun! 


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