New Year, New Opportunity

New Year, New Opportunity

By Rebecca Walter

How are things going with your routine? Is everything fine? Or have you found yourself in a running rut? Are you losing sight of the purpose of your weekly long run, monthly road race, and the never-ending yearning for a new PR? Or maybe not, because running is amazing and there is always a purpose, always a goal, and reaching that PR is one of the greatest highs a runner can achieve. Sometimes, however, we need to stir up our routine. We need something more fun, adventurous, and challenging.

Do you love DOGS? Do you love to run with a BUDDY? We’ve got a unique opportunity that might just suit you! Denver Dog Joggers is hiring, and we need reliable, dedicated, dog-loving team members to take Denver’s canines out for a spin!


If we’ve caught your eye because you are a whole-hearted dog lover, read on for more information.

As a Denver Dog Jogger, you need to have a true love of all things dog. Barking, shedding, slobber, excitement, joy, love… the whole canine package. You’ll be willing to run and walk in all weather conditions…Colorado-style! You’ll be a compassionate and patient caretaker, as you will be wiping off salty paws, dressing pups in coats during extreme temps, stopping your run to remove prickers from paws, adjusting the pace according to how your canine client is feeling, walking dogs with medical conditions, and doing many other things you wouldn’t normally do during your own workout. Your canine client’s needs will take precedence over your own; meaning that you might be doing three short runs instead of your usual 5-miler on Tuesday; or your Thursday fartlek might come in response to a pup’s surge of energy at the sight of a squirrel. Bring along your attention to detail and ability to follow instructions as well, because you will be fulfilling the requests and needs of pup parents too! While one dog might be required to sit at every intersection, another might need to sit before exiting and entering the house, and another might have no special need aside from getting a good ear scratch at the end of the session! Some of your clients will be sibling pairs; each dog having its own personality and therefore slightly different requirements. Attention to detail will also be useful at times when a pup isn’t feeling great or he/she needs to stop for a drink. It will be up to you to notice! The safety and comfort of your canine client is of utmost importance. Your ability to self-supervise is also essential. While Team Denver Dog Joggers is always available to help, the day-to-day job is all yours. You’ll complete your route and your runs alone; except of course for the company of the canine companions. So for you independent workers, this job could be a great fit! And for those of you who love trail running because it keeps you on your toes… this job does the same! Every day is different than the day before, and you never know exactly what to expect, so being alert is key. If sessions ever start to feel repetitive, you have the freedom to change the order of appointments and to run different routes. Cheesman Park one day; Cherry Creek Trail the next. And there is a lot more in it for you. You’ll be paid to get those miles in! Paid to spend time outdoors. Paid to hang out with dogs and to receive their displays of gratitude! You will find a new appreciation for running. You’ll make as many new friends as you have canine clients, and you won’t know if you’re happier to see them or vice versa! Wagging tails will become the highlight of your day. You’ll have a unique and enviable job, and above all you will have a lot of FUN!

If you want to help fulfill dogs’ lives with daily runs and walks, check us out and complete an application to inform us of your interest! (and/or)

Written by Rebecca Walter – DDJ Runner


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