What is Adidas Parley?

What is Adidas Parley?

In 2015, Adidas began a partnership with Parley for the Oceans. Parley for the Oceans is an environmental organization that addresses major threats towards our oceans. Their collaboration, Adidas Parley, takes plastic out of our oceans by transforming it into high performance sportswear.

As a result, meet the Ultraboost Parley! A running shoe that delivers constant energy return and made with Parley Ocean Plastic™: upcycled waste from beaches and coastal communities that is intercepted before it reaches the ocean. The knit upper features yarn spun from plastic, preventing approximately 11 plastic bottles from entering the ocean. They are lightweight and soft, built for a natural yet cushioned ride. Retailing at $180, you’ll be ready to go the distance for a weekend long run in addition to helping lead the change for our environment.


Even more, Adidas Parley recently held a Run for the Oceans cause where they involved 924,237 runners covering 12,402,854 km to raise awareness of the pollution issues in our oceans. Cyrill Gutsch, Founder of Parley for the Oceans said: “Every second breath we take is created by the Oceans. Still, we are killing its life in rapid speed. We are hosting Run for the Oceans with Adidas to step out of our routine, to take a deep breath and to reflect on how important the sea is for every one of us. And to show that millions of little steps can make a huge difference for our movement.” For every kilometer completed, Adidas donated $1 to the Parley Ocean Plastic Program.

What Else Can You Do?

There are other ways that you can join the cause! Last week, our Boulder location took inspiration and joined Adidas in their efforts with a plogging run club. Plogging is a mix of jogging and picking up trash! They collected many bags of garbage in addition to a fender and a rusty old machete!








Grab some of your running friends and go plogging! Because the change is in all of us. Recycle, use reusable beverage containers, leave your car at home, use reusable bags, and try on a pair of Adidas Ultraboost Parley at your local Runners Roost today! Spinning the problem into a solution. A threat into a thread. #adidasparley

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