Getting to Know the Roost: Stapleton Assistant Manager Luke Siekmeier

Getting to Know the Roost: Stapleton Assistant Manager Luke Siekmeier

Runners Roost has been a locally owned business since 1977. One of the many ways we have realized our longevity is through community. At Runners Roost we feel it is important for us to understand our community as well as for our community to know who we are. With that we will be featuring some of our staff in our regular blog content so you can meet us and our friendship with our Colorado community can rise to new elevations.

Who is Luke Siekmeier?

My running career started in 1981 when my older brother entered me in a 5K. It was a time when Nike Waffle trainers, cotton gym shorts and tube socks were king! Since that first race, running has been a huge part of my life. It gets me outside, gives me a daily sense of accomplishment and has introduced me to some amazing people and great experiences.

Over the years, I’ve finished 4 marathons (including Boston and New York), a 50K ultramarathon as well as countless 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons. My most amazing running experience came in the Boston Marathon when my parents surprised me by appearing out of the crowd at the 10-mile mark to hand me a water bottle. Unbeknownst to me, my ex-wife had arranged the whole thing. It took me a few seconds to comprehend that they were, in fact, in Natick, Massachusetts and not back home in Colorado cheering me on. Because that race and that city are so special to me, I’m hoping to qualify for Boston again by running the 2019 Colorado Marathon.

I was born in Denver and lived here for the first 30 years of my life. In 1997, my then-wife got a job offer in Cambridge, MA so we decided to give Boston a try for “a couple years”. That two year stint turned out to be a 12-year stay. In fact, our kids were all born in Massachusetts, so naturally they’re Red Sox fans (again, taking after their old man). Once we settled in Boston in ’97, I worked as a digital and graphic designer for both small and large companies in New England. I continued to work as a designer for Staples, Inc. once we moved back to Denver.

Although I miss New England, and being close to both mountains and ocean, my favorite thing about Colorado is being in the mountains above tree line. There’s something completely awe-inspiring about the vistas from the top of a high peak; it’s an incredible payoff after a long hike. I’m hoping to do a lot of trail running and hiking this summer after I (hopefully!) complete the Colorado Marathon in May. In fact, if all goes well, I plan to run another 50K in the fall (my first one was in September of ’17).

When I’m not logging miles, I love spending time with my four awesome kids.

Sophie just turned 14 and is headed to East High School next year. She’s the baker in the family (especially if it involves cakes or brownies). Clayton is the lone boy, 11 and currently in 5th grade. He’ll be going into middle school next year and loves playing soccer . Chloe and Lilly, fraternal twins, are 15 and learning to drive! They both go to East High School in Denver. Chloe is going out for the soccer team this year and Lilly just started on the newspaper staff (taking after her old man). Our dog Sally, a Blue Weimaraner, loves lounging with her people and is regularly featured in the “Dogs of Stapleton” calendar.

My other hobbies are cycling, hiking and trying my hand at home brewing.
I’ve been with Runners Roost since May of 2018. It’s a great place to be because it lets me connect with other runners and do some good work in my community. Hope to meet you when you come to the Stapleton store!

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