Book Launch of Sky Runner and Strong by Emelie and Kara

Book Launch of Sky Runner and Strong by Emelie and Kara

A Warm Welcome at Runners Roost Denver

Emelie’s smile lights up a room as she walked into Runners Roost during a thunderstorm. She said hello with her shining eyes and moved on to greeting everyone in the room.  Kara also took in stride the group of people immediately surrounding her to get their copy of her first book, Strong, signed. Nearly 200 people arrived to meet these inspirational ladies, run a few miles in their presence, have their books signed, and ask their favorite runners some questions. I thought the storm was going to cancel the run but Kara says to me “If they want to run, I will run with them!” and Emelie seemed to wonder why it was an issue at all. After a group photo I asked how many people were going to brave the rain (and lightning) with the women, and just about every hand went up.

A group photo before heading out for a 3 mile run with Kara and Emelie

Sky Runner: finding strength, happiness, and balance in your running

Emelie Forsberg is a world champion ultra runner and ski mountaineer, holding numerous records and Fastest Known Times. In her first book Sky Runner, she talks about her experiences as a professional skyrunner and shares practical workout exercises and observations from her life. You can find her soul, her heart and her thoughts in this book. You will find the magic of the mountains, and her very own recipes!

“The greatest doubt I had before I chose to go for my mountain sports was whether or not I’d be able to stay in love with them. I loved them too much to lose them. So I just decided that if there was ever the smallest sign of losing that love due to competitions and everything that comes with them, I would quit immediately. The decision would probably be difficult, but I would make it”

Emelie Forsberg, Sky Runner


Two time Olympian Kara Goucher makes her book debut with Strong, providing rare insight into a professional athletes’s vulnerabilities and fears along with confidence techniques recommended by her sports psychologist for how to overcome her doubts. While reading, Kara will take you through the process of creating your own confidence journal.

“Running is a head game. When you’re running, there are two options: let your mind wander of focus. To compete, you must focus. Every step, breath, and muscle movement matters for 26.2 miles. When your body is being pushed to the max, it’s easy to let your mind go to a dark place, and tell you all kinds of things…The thing is there are a million reasons why you can’t achieve your goals. All it takes is focus and determination to find the reason you can.”

Kara Goucher, Strong

Meet Emelie and Kara

Both women were extremely gracious with the crowds. As they signed and posed for pictures, the community was able to ask a few things during spontaneous question and answer sessions.


  • “Emelie, will you be writing a cookbook?”.  With a wink and that famous smile, she nodded and said something might be in the works
  • “Kara, what will you next race be?”. She answered that she wants to take another crack at breaking 2:30 in the marathon, but she is superstitious and wouldn’t reveal what that marathon will be.
  • “Emelie, what has been your favorite race?”. In the lower 48 states, The Rut was her answer.
  • “Kara, how do you find the energy to be a mom and keep up with running?” She chuckled and said “anyone who is a parent knows that you don’t.”



We at Runners Roost are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to host the book launch for Sky Runner by Emelie Forseberg and Strong by Kara Goucher. Thank you Blue Star Press, Salomon, and Suunto for spending the evening with us.

If you missed the chance to join us, you can still come in and purchase either book at our Denver and Louisville locations!

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