bRUNch Running: Running is better together and with brunch

bRUNch Running: Running is better together and with brunch

By: Cortney Logan and Alexandra Weissner

Both of us had different motivating factors as to why we began running. But, it was through running together and great food that we continued our running journey! bRUNch Running came about out of our own Saturday and Sunday morning habits: running and eating brunch.

We are best friends, running buddies (i.e. solemates), turned business partners!  We were participating in numerous local races every weekend along with running with various run clubs during the week. While we were enjoying ourselves, we felt there was just a little something that was missing and we were often left RUN-gry (it’s a thing).

The Denver dining scene was experiencing a renaissance during this time. Running had already made its mark on a beloved city, yet there was not a race or run club that offered such a buffet of running, eating, drinking, and socializing. We knew we had to change that.

After one of our morning runs, chatting over a delicious meal and a few mimosas we discovered the that word “run” was rooted in the word “brunch” (mind blown). In that moment we had created the concept for bRUNch Running: running, eating, drinking, and having fun. From the beginning, bRUNch has been about creating a community for runners of all abilities to lead a healthy and active life through physical fitness and real food in a non-intimidating environment. Add in some socializing to the mix and you have a recipe for a happy and healthy life.

Over the years, bRUNch has evolved and grown into what it is today. We started out hosting weekly events across Colorado, Arizona, and even Texas, but that soon became quite the task for just two girls to manage on their own! So after several stressful seasons, we refocused and restructured our brand by offering a limited amount of exclusive events across the country. By doing this, we are now able to give each event the attention it deserves and offer an even better experience for our bRUNchers (aka our participants). We have also created an online community through our bRUNch Tribe, an incredible community of runners and foodies alike sharing their running, brunching, fitness adventures with a community across the globe. They also create their own DIY events!

So, as you can see, we are not your typical running club. Whether you are just starting to run or walk, or training for your 100th marathon, bRUNch Running is a place where you can find like-minded, passionate individuals to share you running and foodie experiences with. In the last several months we have added 100 ambassadors to help us share the community with new cities, states, and countries! This means more bRUNch, more places!

We want to empower people to live a healthy and well-balanced life all while having fun along the way. We invite you to come out and join us for a ticketed training run, a meet-up bRUNch, or our big race The bRUNch Run. Join the #bRUNchTribe and let’s get our bRUNch on!

Upcoming Colorado Events:

March 19 – Beer and Pancakes bRUNch at Great Divide Barrel Bar
April 30 – bRUNch at Telegraph
May 7 – bRUNch at Postino LoHi
June 1 – bRUNch at Night with Snooze Union Station
June 11 – bRUNch at Masterpiece Kitchen
June 25 – bRUNch at Brazen
October 8 – The bRUNch Run 5K and 10K

Cortney Logan and Alexandra Weissner are founders of bRUNch Running

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