The New Brooks Adrenaline GTS19

The New Brooks Adrenaline GTS19

Brooks introduces the evolution of support with their innovative GuideRails technology in the release of the new Adrenaline GTS19.

What Are GuideRails?

The key to the GuideRails support system is “coupling”. Coupling is the partnership between the knee and ankle. As in any great relationship, they work together as a team. GuideRails offers holistic alignment by stabilizing calcaneal eversion in the inner wall and limiting excess calcaneal shifting with the new outer wall. Simply put, GuideRails are the bumpers in bowling and your foot is the ball. They are there when you need them and out of your way when you don’t. Support Runners may rely on GuideRails all the time, while Neutral Runners may only use them when their stride falls out of place. Either way, every runner benefits from their support. They work hard to reduce the excess heel and shin rotation to keep your natural knee motion within a safe range, so you can run without pain or discomfort and achieve your smoothest and fastest stride yet.


How Do I Know If I Need These Shoes?

Do you know if you are a Support Runner or Neutral Runner? Have you had a gait analysis before? Here at Runners Roost, our expert staff are trained to evaluate your foot and running gait. They can compare your gait in one shoe versus another and make a recommendation that is right for you! They will tell you where you fall in the support or neutral category. Come in today to find out if the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is for you!

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