Why I Love Nuun

Why I Love Nuun

by Anne Jensen

Let’s face it..there are a TON of sports nutrition and hydration options out there for runners, cyclists, triathletes and athletes in general. The process of finding fuel and and hydration solutions that work for you and your body can be as exhausting as the race you are trying to complete. While you may already think you have found something that works for you, I would like to share with you why I love a little fizzy tablet of hydration magic that is called Nuun.

What is Nuun? Nuun (pronounced NOON not NONE) is quick electrolytes in a dissolvable tablet form. These tablets come in a convenient and portable tube that you can take with you anywhere. Unlike a traditional sports drink that may contain a bunch of sugar, chemicals and fillers, Nuun is all natural, very low calorie, low sugar, vegan, and gluten free. Nuun tablets provide your body with quick absorbing essential electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium) to keep your muscles working at their most efficient level and help prevent cramping, fatigue and the ever-dreaded bonking. If you drop a tablet of Nuun into some water you will notice that it bubbles and fizzes. Essentially these bubbles carry the electrolytes to your muscles faster because they go straight to your bloodstream, as opposed to having to be absorbed through your digestive system.

Nuun electrolytes is the “signature” product, but there is also the Nuun Energy line with caffeine and B vitamins, the Nuun Vitamins line which is designed for everyday hydration (not necessarily for sweaty activities), Nuun Performance (designed for exercise that is 90 minutes or longer in duration) and the all new Nuun Immunity. Nuun Immunity helps to support your body’s natural defense systems by giving you a hydration boost from electrolytes, as well as the power of natural botanicals such as turmeric, elderberry and echinacea.

As a company Nuun is phenomenal and really cares about people and the environment. We have a strong commitment to clean product, clean planet and clean sport. Clean product means that Nuun uses clean ingredients that work with your body, are all plant based, and non-gmo sourced. Clean planet means that we source and package to minimize our carbon footprint, and encourage people to reduce waste by utilizing reusable water bottles..We estimate that to date we’ve saved over 72 million water bottles from piling up in landfills and ocean water! Nuun also stands by a pledge to clean sport–amateur and professional athletes alike having success in competition based on the hard work of their training (and superior hydration) instead of performance enhancing drugs. Nuun is also committed to creating strong relationships with the endurance community, and one of the ways that we do so is through a team of passionate and active ambassadors who are out there getting sweaty every day and sharing the #nuunlove!

Nuun Ambassadors and Roost Race Team Members!

I have been using Nuun for my training and racing for many years, and have seen great success! I have also had the great fortune of being a part of the Nuun Hydration team for the past year and a half. This year Nuun is a proud sponsoring partner of the Runners Roost Race, Mountain Ultra, Triathlon and Obstacle Course teams. Nuun is also on course at some uber famous and popular local races. Anyone heard of the Bolder BOULDER or the Hot Chocolate 15k?

Ok, so obviously I am biased. But I hope that you will give Nuun a try! My favorite flavors are Strawberry Melon (Nuun Vitamins), Cherry Limeade (Nuun Energy), Orange Citrus (Nuun Immunity), Tropical and Strawberry Lemonade (both Nuun Electrolytes), which you will find on course at the Bolder BOULDER. Your local Runners Roost store carries a wide variety of Nuun flavors so pick up a tube today! f you have any questions or want to share your success stories about training and racing with Nuun, email me at [email protected] or check out our website at nuunlife.com.

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