Getting to Know the Roost: Aurora Manager Lisa Mills

Getting to Know the Roost: Aurora Manager Lisa Mills

Runners Roost has been a locally owned business since 1977. One of the many ways we have realized our longevity is through community. At Runners Roost we feel it is important for us to understand our community as well as for our community to know who we are. With that we will be featuring some of our staff in our regular blog content so you can meet us and our friendship with our Colorado community can rise to new elevations.

Who is Lisa Mills?

Moving to Colorado in June of 1984 was a big step for me as a 22-year old…..I had lived most of my growing-up years in Tempe, Arizona, where no snow ever fell, and if it was below 70 degrees I wore tights! I had graduated the summer before with a degree in bio-agricultural science from Arizona State University, but was enrolled in an 18-month technical degree program here and intended to stay only as long as that took to complete. My plans changed, however, after meeting and becoming friends with so many good people from the warm Colorado running community. I joined Phidippides Track Club to train with a group, encountered a wonderful network of other runners all along the front range, and met my future husband Bill (also a PTC member!) Running has been a part of my life since the age of 14, when I first started running with my Dad, who was a professor at ASU. I ran throughout high school, then earned a scholarship for track and XC at ASU, where I competed for 4 years as a Sun Devil. So being surrounded by such welcoming and active people was amazing to me—I felt as though Colorado could be my new home state!

My college coach trained me post-graduation to compete in a marathon in Japan in March of 1984, which qualified me for the first-ever women’s marathon Olympic Trials that May. But being in Colorado and getting the support of teammates and training partners allowed me to qualify again in 1988 and 1992. Meanwhile, I was hired on as the assistant manager at a new expansion store in Denver of a company called the Runners Roost. One of the owners had met me through some racing events in Colorado Springs, where the original store is located. It was a way for me to expand my love of the sport to a higher level, one where I could encourage other new and current runners to be a bigger part of this wonderful, special community. I never thought that working at the Roost would open up so many doors for me as a runner! Meeting thousands of great people, forging life-long friendships, helping countless customers with shoes and other gear, and enjoying hundreds of events year-round all across Colorado has made my life so rich—I’m extremely grateful.

Being a Runners Roost employee for over 30 years has allowed me to give back to the sport I love so much. I have become a coach, a liaison for the Colorado Running Hall of Fame, an advocate for youth running programs, and a mentor to new (or returning) athletes as they tackle unique challenges. The support the Roost provides to our running community state-wide encompasses all ages, disciplines, and abilities. As long as you are moving forward, we are your friend!! I am extremely proud to represent a company whose mission is to encourage others to enjoy the blessings of our beautiful state by getting outside and being active. We are fortunate to live in this awesome place where fitness is the norm—and athletes continually inspire us. Runners Roost embodies that passion, keeps working to improve, and will always strive to partner with our community, inviting more people into a life of fitness.

Come join us at our next run club, seminar, or special event and find some great new friends to share the journey! We are waiting for you!

Our Aurora Store is Moving!

New manager! New store! Lisa is heading up the move of our Aurora store from Arapahoe Crossings to the Cornerstar Shopping Center. Our new location is only 2000 steps away from Arapahoe Crossings! Look for the doors to open in Spring 2019 and like RunnersRoostCo on Facebook to keep up to date on our move and opening celebration deals and events.

Progress is being made and we can’t wait for the grand reveal!



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